Lead Restaurant offers a rich dining experience by combining different flavors from America, Italy, Mexico and Turkey. While we take our guests on a culinary journey, we pamper their palates with our signature cocktails and local boutique wines.

Samples from American cuisine such as burgers, wraps and sandwiches are among the flavors on our menu. We offer Mexican delicacies with alternatives such as nachos and tacos. We are opening a different window to Turkish cuisine with different tastes and renewed presentations of Turkish cuisine. You will have an unforgettable dining experience in the unique atmosphere of Lead Restaurant with our signature cocktails and special wine menu.

You are invited to a Feast of Taste with Creative Presentations of Traditional Turkish Cuisine! In our restaurant, we bring traditional Turkish dishes together with modern and creative presentations!

You will rediscover the rich and varied flavors of Turkish cuisine with the creativity of our chefs. Our chefs combine the unique tastes of Turkish cuisine with modern and aesthetic presentations, using local ingredients and local tastes.

We do not forget the insatiable richness of Turkish breakfast! Our breakfast menu, equipped with fresh cheeses, olives, jams and many more delicious options, will give you a great start to the day. In our restaurant, we invite you to meet the modern and innovative side of traditional Turkish cuisine to have an experience that will pamper your palate.

Italian Dance of Tastes: Discover the Beauties of Italian Cuisine! In the warm and friendly atmosphere of our restaurant, you will taste the seductive flavors of Italian cuisine, while at the same time you will feel the pleasant and cheerful atmosphere of Italian culture. Each meal is a visual feast!

Pasta, one of the most popular flavors of Italian cuisine, is carefully prepared in our restaurant. The delicious pastas prepared by our master chefs also draw attention with their rich sauces. Our pastas, each of which is prepared with carefully selected ingredients, bring the authentic flavors of Italy to your table.

Our pastas, which meet with fresh spices, olive oil and delicious sauces, offer an unforgettable taste experience to your palate.

SKOPEA Lead is an ideal place where you can organize special days and business meetings in the best way with its elegant and simple design and delicious food. To reserve your place: +90 541 764 88 48